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We build cost-efficient, sustainable, and exclusive solutions to suit all your rubbish removal needs including commercial, industrial and residential.
Our mission is to give good condition items a 2ND LIFE.

No job is too big or small.

Quick, affordable & real eco-friendly rubbish removal.

Our goal is to remove, recycle and find a new home for pre-loved items – success placement is guaranteed!

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Renew the current configuration

by freeing up your space.

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Let go of unwanted items
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Declutter your busy office space or experience
a hassle-free office move


Make the most of your space
for people and storage
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Rubbish collection is an investment

Optimise Time

Choose 2ND LIFE
and spend your time doing what you love

Save Money

Accurate and fair quotes
No nasty surprises
Best price guaranteed

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Rapid rubbish removal 
No Fuss
Same day service available

Gain More Space

Enjoy your working
or living space
like you first moved in
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2ND LIFE, Our Story

Learn about who we are and what we do in this quick video.

Is your space filled with things you no longer use?

Do you often wish you had more space?

2ND LIFE can help!

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2ND LIFE Is Committed To Its Name

One Person's Trash is another Person's Treasure!

Why We Do It

  • When done poorly, rubbish removal increases greenhouses gases in our atmosphere 
  • More than ever, Australian families are impacted by poverty
  • 2ND Life created a new eco-friendly way to help the environment as well as families in need

What We Do

  • Unlike 99% of the industry, we refuse to dispose of the rubbish we remove 
  • Part of the 2ND Life Group, 2ND Life Goods connects furniture with the right people
  • Our team of experts links pre-loved furniture to new owners by reselling it at an affordable price or donating it to people in need

How We do It

  • Once items arrive at our warehouse, 2ND Life stores, improves and posts items to be resold in the local community
  • Should an item not sell within 10 days, 2ND Life contacts our charitable partners to arrange the item donation
  • Both Drop Off & Pick Up services are available via 2ND Life Rubbish Removal 
  • We have proudly supported countless families in need directly and alongside esteemed partners such as Project Kindness, St Vinnies, and Red Cross, amongst others

Real Results

  • We have prevented over 1,000 items from ending up in landfill
  • Each item has been donated to a family in need or sold at an affordable price 
  • Our service helps the environment and your local community 
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The 5 Advantages of 2ND LIFE


& Affordability

We deliver on our promise
and guarantee to offer
the cost-benefit in the market.


We are insured for up to 5 million dollars in public liability.
We are always on time and get the job done safely.


2ND Life's eco-friendly rubbish removal works towards the circular economy model.
One person's trash is another person's treasure.


Our friendly staff is the best in the business.
Expect service with a smile!


Your trash or treasure is our pleasure.
2ND Life Goods donates quality pre-loved items to worthy causes.

Proof of Value

More than a rubbish removal company,

2ND Life is a business with a mission.

Our goal is to make the traditional process

of rubbish and goods disposal

more efficient, conscious, and sustainable.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

Our process: Upgrade your space in just a few steps

Fill in the Form

- time it takes you: 1 minute
Would you like your rubbish and items to disappear?
Fill in the form on top of this page so we can analyse your needs.

Get an Email Confirmation

- time it takes you: 2 minutes
You'll receive an email confirmation with our rates and further information such as how we transport different sized items, materials we are able or unable to handle, etc.
Once you read the document thoroughly, proceed to the next step.

Make a Collection

Appointment Online

- time it takes you: 1 minute
Click the link in the email to make your appointment using our online booking tool.
Same day services may be available.

Site Visit

& Item Inspection

- time it takes us: 10 minutes
On the day of your appointment, our friendly staff will visit you to access the items to be collected.
By the end of the visit, we will provide you with a cost estimate for the job.


- time it takes us: 15 minutes to 1 hour
Our staff will start by identifying the items that could be rehomed, separating materials and loading them into the truck. At the end of the job, they'll provide you with an invoice and collect payment using the method best suited to you – we accept payments by cash, bank transfers or card.

Happy Customer

New found storage.
Your property is clean again
and ready for use.

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Sydney area


Skip Bins

  • You have to load it yourself
  • Often you need more than one
  • Everything goes to landfills
  • Unpleasant aesthetic and too chunky
  • Unpredictable spend
  • Council permit needed


  • Same-day service available
  • Rubbish loaded by hand from your home to our truck
  • Sustainable recycling
  • Online booking tool available for appointment
  • Fast & reliable service
  • Items do not go to landfill
  • Helps the community and environment
  • Easy booking and payments system
  • Insured for up to AU$ 5 million
  • Friendly staff, great service

Council Cleanup

  • Kerbside collections only
  • Difficult to make an appointment
  • Everything goes to landfills
  • Limited volume and type
  • Often leaves a mess behind
  • Not sustainable, everything is taken as mixed waste

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